eCommerce Strategy

Your digital and direct-to-consumer can no longer be a minor strategy, it must be THE strategy.

It’s overwhelming when you sit down to consider your options in the digital world. To ensure you make the correct decision you have to invest hours and hours into research. We can help you fast track the process by picking our brains and using our skills to help you craft a powerful digital strategy.

With an unbiased external viewpoint, we can give you the candid feedback you need to make the right decision. Consider these questions and then contact us to discuss your options. We can help you create the digital strategy your company needs to become a leader in your industry.

Website Development

What platform should you build your site on? Is WordPress the right answer for you? Do you want a site built with responsive design? What does responsive design mean? How does that make your site more mobile friendly?

Content Strategy

Do you have a content strategy in place? Are you blogging on a regular basis, if not how do you get started? What about white papers or other authoritative material, how are you differentiating your business as thought leaders?

Online Marketing

What paid advertising options have you considered? If you are already set up on Google AdWords, have you tried Google remarketing ads? What about the Google Merchant Center? Don’t forget about Bing and Yahoo.


Are you considering building an ecommerce site? Do you know the benefits and drawbacks of the popular platforms out there? Why would Shopify be better for one business, but Magento is the answer for another?

Examples of Strategy Implementation

We consult on all aspects of digital media and marketing strategy including:

  • Website layout and design – We are experts in design and can help you create something aesthetically appealing that also converts. Only a few hours of consultation will give you all the ideas you need to build the next killer website.
  • Mobile strategy – What is your mobile strategy? Do you have a site that performs well with mobile traffic? Let us help you investigate the engagement metrics of your mobile traffic to find out if your site is firing on all cylinders.
  • Digital strategy – Your online marketing channels need to be performing or your business wont be getting the leads and sales you need to grow. We have helped many companies compile SEO, social media, pay per click and content marketing strategies that have helped revolutionize their business.
  • In-house training sessions – let us lead sessions to train your management team on inbound marketing, design, programming and all things digital. Educating your company on digital marketing will help you build a powerful sales machine with the inherent knowledge to maintain and grow into the future.

How We Perform Consulting Services

We would need to have a detailed understanding of how your business works, preferably through calls and in-person meetings (depending on location). Once we have an idea of how your company operates, we can also:

  • Work with management to conduct on-site workshops, interviews and facilitating surveys
  • Analyze data from numerous sources: Google AdWords, Analytics, Industry Studies, just to name a few
  • Conduct independent research on your behalf

Our approach is different for every client and we will only suggest the techniques we feel are appropriate to your project.

Let's talk about scaling your digital business.

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